A Place of understanding

I have never thought of myself as a writer. My husband is the writer. He is so good with words. He can write a poem in 3 minutes, a song in 5 and an article in 10. All publish worthy. Oh and he has already written a book that only took about 6 months. One of the hardest things for me to do when I was in elementary school was to write when prompted. I just have never thought of myself as creative in that way. I can create, sure! I can totally scrapbook, do Pinterest projects, make homemade gifts, decorate or bake. But to write- to actually create something original and to write something that comes from my own heart… never.

God has shown me how he has been preparing me for this long before I even knew the seed was there.

Over time reading has became a passion of my husbands and mine.


Along with the reading, came the writing. I became an avid journal writer when I was in high school. I had always wanted to be a diary keeper- that never fit the bill. See, I didn’t want to write about my day, I didn’t think it mattered.

Because, in all honesty when I was young and without a walk with God- I didn’t have much to write about. But then the Lord spoke into my life. He kept speaking into my life as a young teenage girl, and journal writing became a way to talk to God. To pray. To be angry. To be sad. To be confused. I never thought of it as “writing”… it was journaling.  Everyone did it… right?

Then I came across a book at Barnes and Nobles one night. This is one of my husband’s and my favorite dates. Yup- we are totally self confessed nerds. Barnes and Noble = date night. Typical of those nights, we would each wind our way through the book store, pulling out books and magazines to add to our arm load. Eventually we would meet back at Starbucks in the front of the store with our treasures. We woul get some coffee and sit and read while sharing what we liked with each other. One night I picked up a book that caught my eye. It was called “Journaling as a Spiritual Practice” by Helen Cepero. Journaling… is “a thing?” a “Spiritual practice?” This part of me that I have been doing for over 10 years could actually be used by God? I bought it. We never “buy” the books, we just write down what we like and check it out at the library or get a good deal on amazon… but never just buy it on the spot, but I had to. I had never seen a book before, dedicated to using journaling as a spiritual practice. My heart connected right away and I felt God was showing me that “Yes! This is how I wired you! You hear me best when you read my word and write. You understand yourself best when you write!” (my words, not his).  “Sometimes you just have to write yourself into a place of understanding.”  Yes- that is it. That is me. Writing = understanding.

                                            But how would God use my journaling to impact others?

I am not a writer… I am a journaler.

So, to say I have never written anything before would be wrong. I have been writing for 14 years, but only as a conversation between God and me.  Very recently my writing has changed. My spirit of writing has changed.

It has changed to tell a story.

The story.

The story of God in me.


I don’t like to type. I much prefer to take my journal and write with my cute little flower pen out on my front porch with a glass of iced tea. But to sit at a computer and type… it has a way of zapping my energy. When I first felt the pull to write I thought… “ok, God… but only if you can get me one of those super cool old fashioned type-writers. That would be so much more satisfying, than a Dell laptop!” No blinding screen to stare at. Just paper. I would get to hear the satisfying clicks of the old time typewriter. The clicks that would also remind me, there is no going back once you type that, – oh wait, there is no “Save” button- no way to quickly post this to a blog or make copies, other than to scan it in. Oh, and what would happen if a sheet or two were lost? IF I were diligent and organized, maybe I could commit to an old time typewriter… but I am totally not that. So I gave in and am staring at my Dell laptop, screen blinding me- hoping my hands and back will not take the brunt of my poor posture.

I hope to share more of our typical days with you through words and pictures. I Hope to encourage and pass on some of the inspiration I have found through the Word and other books. I want to share our story of family, adoption, homeschooling and faith.

But, most of all…

                                                                     I hope to share life. One word at a time.


3 thoughts on “A Place of understanding

  1. Love this, Sarah. How God has brought you to this point is so fun to see. (Oh, and me, I’m not a huge screen-starer either. 🙂 I’ll often hand write my words, and then type them out.)
    Hope you’re having a wonderful week with that precious family of yours.

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