In the Pursuit… Part 1


  In the word it says Enoch walked with God. He WALKED with God. When I picture the Garden of Eden, what I wish for the most is the relationship Adam and Eve had with God. They would take walks with God. The God of the universe. The God that created the ground they walked on, the air they breathed and the bodies they were unashamed of. Then the fall. They left the garden. They no longer walked with God in the same intimacy. But Enoch walked with God. He was so close to God that the Lord took him to be with him. He did not die. He did not suffer. The Lord took him up to be with him. Noah was another man who walked with God. In the midst of masses of people that did not heed their forefathers, he did.

He knew God, he walked with God. He found favor. 

At the end of my life, I hope others remember me by saying: She walked with the Lord… She abided in Him and He in her. The concept of walking with someone seems so simple. It doesn’t seem to take much to walk with someone. Someone who is physically present anyway. So how do we walk with the God of the universe? We begin by asking the Lord to walk with us. Giving him our steps. Asking him to show us the next steps. Then we step out in faith.

I also strongly believe that the Lord pursues us.


Just as with Jonah, when he went the wrong way out of disobedience. Sometimes we go the wrong way. It may be disobedience or it may be that we have obeyed the Lord, but he wants to shift our steps a bit. God used all of creation to pursue Jonah. It began with the voice of the Lord and when Jonah didn’t heed the Lord, he sent a storm, then a whale and finally dry land where Jonah had the choice to listen to the Lord and accept his direction or to keep running. Doesn’t that just make you feel so loved and treasured? Seems odd, who wants to be swallowed by a whale, right? But if you look at the whole picture…

The Lord pursues us! He cares so much about the intimate details of our lives, that he will use all of creation to keep us in step with Him.

God’s pursuit of me began at a young age and has continued on to bring me where I am now. Walking with the Lord does not always put you where you think you should be. It does not always line up with what YOU think is your calling or where YOU think your gifts lie.The Lord uses the weak, the broken and he works in them to produce only what he can.


I homeschool my girls.

My oldest is in 2nd grade this school year, my middle daughter will be a kindergartener, and my youngest will be a preschooler. I began homeschooling during the days when I was opposed to the very thought.

Let me explain…

When I was a senior in high school I prayed about what the Lord would have me major in when I went to college. I badly wanted him to say something adventurous like- “be a lawyer.” The thought of working in a nice office, having a fancy car, dressing professional on a daily basis, and being in a field many respected was appealing to me. I wanted to prove something about myself. Prove that I could do it.

God had other plans.


I wanted to do something different. Not because I thought it was a bad profession, but teaching felt so “normal.”

I wanted to do something different and spontantous- unexpected! So I kept praying and when people would ask me about my major, I would say… not sure- maybe a lawyer? It took a few weeks until I realized that God would keep pursuing me and I would not be at peace until I decided to accept my calling as a teacher. So I did and never looked back.

I got through school, teaching degree in hand and felt very accomplished. I worked as a teacher on and off for 5 years before having kids.

Then my firstborn came along.


We had set up our life so that when we had children we would be able to afford for me to stay home. We bought a modest house, had only 1 car payment and tried to reign in our expenses. I loved staying home. When Addie turned 3, the teacher in me came out.

fall painting pumpkins

Sophie and Addie painting pumpkins. Can you tell which one likes to get messy and which one hates it?!

I began to use my creativity and love for teaching to set up a routine in our home for learning. I had a cute picture calendar that I made for our fridge. So that even my 3 year old could see that in a few days her best friends would be coming for a visit becacuse their picture was on the fridge under Friday.Then I started making activity bags- now termed “busy bags.” We were doing reading and science projects, learning to write her name, learning the alphabet and getting creative with playdough.


Addie and Sophie loved playdough at 2 & 3 and they still do now even at 5 & 7!

All the while, I still struggled with where I would send my girls to school. I was praying and searching for peace in that decision. I lacked direction. So I waited, I questioned others about their school choices- private, public, small town school and waited.

addie reading ruby

Addie has loved reading since she was 3, here she is “reading” to her baby sister, Ruby.

Then we decided to send Addie to preschool at a private school in town. I didn’t want her to be behind, better start when she is 3! I cried the first day I dropped her off. OF COURSE, I did…

addie preschool

Addie on her first day of preschool, age 3.

COME BACK tomorrow to hear how this day changed the “plan” I had in mind for our family…


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