Life’s Current


Birthdays are a funny thing as you get older. Presents are still exciting. Cake is still delicious. Time spent with friends and family is meaningful.

Today I turn 34. 10 years ago I was newly married, no kids and our whole future in front of us. Now, 10 years later… we have 3 kids, have had 1 dog, 1 cat, 3 chickens, many fish and snails, 1 hamster, 3 bunnies 1 apartment, 2 houses and a multitude of jobs. I am all about living life with intentionality, so as I look back I naturally ask myself- “Have my choices been intentional? Am I where I want to be at 34?”

I am amazed at the life we have built. 3 amazing kids and 1 coming home soon from Africa. I have chosen to stay home and homeschool my girls. This is a major life choice. It affects me daily, but I am also blessed by it daily. My husband and I relocated to Decatur, IL in the past 10 years to be close to family while we raised our family. This, also a major life choice, has been amazing. I can’t imagine my girls not being able to see their nana and papa weekly and grow up with their cousins. Huge blessing.

We have moved two times. One starter house with a phenomenal purple bathroom and finished basement. We brought home all three baby girls to that house and have so many family memories between the doors and walls. We outgrew those walls and moved to a more family friendly neighborhood into a 100 year old house with a front porch that called my name.

Then we decided to adopt. We are still in process of adopting… 3 years later. It has been a struggle of a journey and the end is still out of sight. I dream of the day I have to count kids for fear of leaving my 4th daughter behind as she wanders off to explore.


Life is moving forward, even though some days can feel like a standstill. Thinking about the way life progresses brings to mind a small creek. Growing up, one of the most magical places to play was in my grandparents backyard. They lived on the edge of the woods with a small creek running alongside their house. As kids, we were drawn to the creek. We would cross the creek on logs, skip rocks and wade in the creek.

Now 25 years later, the creek is still there and you can see the well worn path of its ebb and flow. There are times when the creek is so low that the water doesn’t move and it seems to stand still.  There is no current. After a good several days of rain, the creek would be fast moving and full of life.

A creek has different seasons just like life. Some years are full of life, exciting and moving at a fast pace. Then there are years where you wonder what has happened to the current. Life seems to come to a stand still and you yearn for the fast paced current of years before. In reflection, you look back and realize that each day adds up to make years and you see that life is still moving, choices are made and blessings received.

I am thankful for another year. My heart is so grateful for all my family and friends that have encouraged, supported, loved, listened and have lived life alongside of me through life’s current.

Here is to another year… praying for an exciting and fast past current, but trusting the Lord as he guides the daily, constant current!



One thought on “Life’s Current

  1. So many, many snails. Ick.

    Love you Mrs. Anderson, and am incredibly blessed our creeks joined many years ago. Through waters rough, and waters slow, you’re a gift to share the flow. Wow, that rhymed. (drops mic)

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