Adoption Update

It has been awhile since I have posted about our adoption journey. I have stayed away from the topic partly because I just haven’t had time to sit and really form my words, but mostly because it is hard to post an update that is “not really an update.”

We are still in court. We wait for good news. We check our email every other minute waiting for the one email that will change our lives FOREVER… you have made it through court!

So what does that mean, exactly?

Right now a huge stack of paperwork is sitting on a judge’s desk somewhere in the DRC. He is reviewing our applications, looking at our medical documents, reading our testimony, looking at our pictures and trying to decide if he will grant us Act of Adoption. He has interviewed our lawyer, met with the orphanage mom and the social worker on our case. He is trying to investigate to make sure that our sweet little girl is truly an orphan in need of a home. This is all good. This needs to happen.

We were told court could take anywhere from 1-3 (plus) months. It has been just at 3 months since we have been submitted to court and still we wait.

Last week we skyped with our agency and heard that only one thing is holding up our case right now. One thing that we have no control over and that we can do nothing about… short of flying over to the DRC and pleading with this person to do the right thing. Trust me… we are close to doing that exact thing if it is needed.

For now we wait and trust our lawyer, our agency and the judge. We pray for them to be given wisdom and discernment as they decide the next right step for our case. Please pray with us for the judge to grant us Act of Adoption.

For now, we now our Phoebe is safe, healthy and getting some food. We also know that she is incredibly tiny, malnourished and recently had malaria. Please pray with us for her health and protection against disease.

For now we stay put. Our hearts want to go be in the DRC with our daughter. We want to hold her. Take care of her. Provide food, love and security. We want to convince those that are holding up our case to do the right thing. Please pray with us for wisdom to know if and when the right time is to travel to the DRC.

We have been so blessed on this journey to see God’s hand in so many unexpected ways. We continue to be thankful for those surrounding us in prayer. Loving on our family and expectantly STILL asking when Phoebe will be home.

I hope to have a new post soon with exciting news. Stay tuned… it could just be tomorrow.


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