Adoption Update

It has been a summer to remember and I don’t say that lightly. This past summer we went to Africa and met our 4th daughter for the first time ever. We spent a joy filled week with her and then we had to take her back to the orphanage, get on a plane and fly home. Heartache.

When the Lord called us to adopt we thought the hardest part would be coming up with the money that it costs to go through an international adoption. We had done our research and picked an agency and country to adopt from that we felt would be as ethical as possible. People were praying and eyes were watching as we took a step of faith and said yes to a  just turned 2 year old little girl from the DRC. Now that just turned 2 year old is 4 and she is still not home.

I don’t have an answer.

What I know to be true is that the Lord is good. He is faithful. He is just. He grants mercy. He is trustworthy. He is our provider. He is our healer. He is good.

We can’t trust in a country, an agency, a lawyer or even ourselves. We have to trust in the one whose heart breaks more than ours at the injustice of power being more important than children’s lives. The Lord who is near to the brokenhearted, to our little ones without mammas and papas. The God who gives peace while all around you have every right to be angry, frustrated, depressed and justified.

“Get up LORD; get angry! Stand up against the fury of my foes! Wake up, my God, YOU command that justice be done!” 

Psalm 7:6

We are ready for the Lord to stand up and get angry. For him to demand justice be done.

“But I will thank the LORD for his righteousness; I will sing praises to the name of the LORD most high.”

Psalm 7:17

We thank the Lord because he is the lord most high. He is righteous. He have seen him working in bringing our daughter to a safe home to live until she can be here. Her bright smile, her laugh and the English that she says when we skype feels like the Lord is smiling upon us. We feel blessed.


Be near to the hearts of the children who are waiting for their families to be allowed to come and bring them home. Comfort these children and help them to know that their families are FIGHTING for them to come home. FIGHTING.God, lift our weary arms when we are too tired to fight. Send in friends and family who will fight for us. Thank you for those who encourage, love and stand strong beside us. Thank you Lord. You are our provider. Move mountains. Bring Justice. 


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